Unedited Interview with Patrick Hickey Jr.

What is your full name and your recognition titles? Patrick Hickey Jr. Editor-In-Chief and Founder, ReviewFix.com Staff Writer, Old School Gamer Magazine Former Staff Writer, TheHockeyWriters.com Former News Editor, NBC, Local Integrated Media Division Author, McFarland Voice Actor and Story Editor on The Padre from Shotgun With Glitters Lecturer of English and Assistant Director of... Continue Reading →


Patrick Hickey Jr: The Man Behind the World of Writing, Video Games, and Success

If you haven't heard of the name Patrick Hickey Jr, you're missing out. Hickey is not only an inspiration to a growing writer like myself but also an incredible man that everyone should take a moment and learn about. Most people wish to be successful, but only a few of those make it happen. Hickey... Continue Reading →

Quotes that inspire me to write

Hey guys! So this past week has been super hectic because of college and I have so many assignments to write so I haven't been able to post on my blog, but just for the time being I wanted to share with you guys some quotes that I absolutely love and inspire me to write,... Continue Reading →

Underrated Books!

So just like my last post, this is inspired by Celinereads. And once again, this post is completely my opinion. Also, these books are not in any specific order, just in the order that came to me while looking at my bookshelf. I'm not going to be explaining all of them, only a few. Ellen... Continue Reading →

Overhyped Books!

This blog post is inspired by this month's bookstagram challenge from 'Celinereads'. First, let me just say that this is completely my opinion, I know that there are people who think that I'm crazy by the books on this list. TFIOS- For those of you that don't know, this is The Fault in Our Stars... Continue Reading →


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